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Build stamina for better endurance

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We all differ in our levels of endurance and fitness, but do you ever watch long distance runners and wonder how they do it? Athletes will train regularly and stamina building will be a massive focus. Sadly, as much as we’d like most of us aren’t trained athletes and don’t have the same amount of time to put into training. You can still improve stamina and performance with traditional techniques and smart training.

Eat right

Forget what the diet columns tell you – carbs are your friend, just avoid refined carbs such as white bread and pasta. Combined with protein you have the most effective balance to enhance performance and reduce muscle damage. Mix up your diet with whole grains, nuts, meat and fish to ensure you’re receiving the right nutrients.

High intensity training

When building stamina less is usually more. Improve endurance by pushing your body to the limit with quick bursts of intense exercise followed by traditional workouts.

Resistance training

If you want to build endurance, variation is vital. Add resistance training to your regime to not only improve overall fitness, but also strengthen your bones, ligaments and muscles.

Make gradual changes

Be smart about your workout. Set a starting point – whether it’s speed, distance or weight. Let your body get used to this level then crank it up a notch. Don’t let your body get comfortable but it’s also important not to push it too far and risk causing injury.

Hit that playlist

Create a killer playlist to listen to whilst working out. Studies have shown that there there is a link between music and boosting endurance performance, so let blast those exercises with your favourite songs.

Get some rest

All athletes will have rest days. No matter how hard you train, if you don’t give your body time to recover you will not get the maximum benefits from training. Let your muscles rebuild and refresh themselves every couple of days.

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