How much hydration is enough during exercise?

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Approximately 55-65% of the human body is made up of water, so it’s no big surprise that staying hydrated is vital at all times if we want to feel our best. However, it’s important to pay particularly close attention to hydration levels during exercise and sessions in the sauna or steam room. Why? Because these … Read more

Don’t let sleepless nights affect your health

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The occasional sleepless night isn’t going to do much more harm other than causing a potential bad mood the next day. However, when nights spent tossing and turning start to become the norm it’s time to address the issue. Prolonged periods of lack of of sleep can have a significant impact on physical health and … Read more

Take a break for optimum results in the gym

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Whether you train twice a week or six times a week, it’s absolutely vital that you allow your body time to relax and recover. It’s great that you want to work out constantly and push yourself, but if you don’t stop to recover you will actually be doing yourself more harm than good. For the … Read more

What happens to your body when you build muscle?

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For the majority of us, the reason we want to bulk up and build muscle is to look good – there’s really nothing more appealing than a man with ‘big guns’ and a tight six-pack! However, it’s not just our appearance and confidence that benefits from a regular muscle-building routine. So if you hit the … Read more

Benefit from a steam session after getting hot in the gym

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You’ve just completed an intense workout session and you want a way to relax. Although stepping into a hot steam room may not be the most appealing idea straight after a sweaty workout, this option can produce excellent health benefits and there has been evidence to show that it can actually improve endurance and performance … Read more

Bored of the gym? Break the routine and get wet

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Sometimes, no matter how dedicated we are, we hit those days where we’d rather do anything but go to the gym. It becomes that massive chore which you have to do otherwise you’ll have to suffer the guilt later- don’t worry, we’ve all been there! If you do find yourself feeling like this, you may … Read more