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Enjoy a drink without affecting your fitness regime

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You’re on a diet and are working towards a summer body to die for, but you keep getting pulled out for drinks with friends. In an ideal world, alcohol would be as a good for us as water and also have zero calories, but sadly this will always remain a fantasy.

However, a bit of social drinking doesn’t have to be as damaging to all your hard work as it has to be. The key is really down to alcohol consumption levels. Did you know that in each gram of alcohol there are approximately seven calories? We know that’s not easy to work out- in fact we’re still sat here trying work out how many calories are in a vodka and coke! So instead of trying to provide a complex system of working out each and every drink, we thought we would look at some low calorie drinks, so you could opt for them and not feel as guilty!

Spirits, such as rum, whiskey, gin or vodka typically contain around 50-60 calories per shot, which isn’t that high. However, when you start adding mixers it can bring the calorie count up. Juices and soft drinks can add another 100-150 calories to a drink, so if you’re having three or four that’s an extra 600 calories! Opt for the diet drinks when choosing mixers- they taste the same but have less than one calorie!

A glass of wine will generally have between 120-140 calories- of course we are considering a small serving, and this is the same for red, white and rose. If you are more of a wine drinker, choose red wine. When drank in moderation it can actually benefit your health by lowering cholesterol levels and help to protect against illnesses and diseases. This applies when drank in moderation. The health benefits will become lost if one or two bottles of wine are consumed!

Dieters and healthy eaters will know that as a rule, beers and lagers are out of the question, as calorie content is usually between 170-200. However, many brands now offer light versions of their most popular drinks, which can bring calories down to around 100-110.

And finally, avoid alcopops at all costs. With an average intake of 230-250 calories per bottle and the sugar levels, alcopops are a health buff’s worst nightmare!

If you enjoy a drink with friends, then a fitness regime doesn’t mean you have to avoid it completely. Relax and enjoy a drink or two, just remember that moderation is key.

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