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Bored of the gym? Break the routine and get wet

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Sometimes, no matter how dedicated we are, we hit those days where we’d rather do anything but go to the gym. It becomes that massive chore which you have to do otherwise you’ll have to suffer the guilt later- don’t worry, we’ve all been there! If you do find yourself feeling like this, you may want to consider mixing up your routine.

A fantastic way to ensure you still get a full workout is by going for a few laps in the pool. Swimming is regarded as one of the best forms of exercise- even beating the workouts in the gym. It can really help you break the monotony of constant cardio and resistance training in the gym as well as giving your body and mind a brand new challenge.

Swimming offers a workout that can burn up to 400 calories per hour and push your body to new limits; in fact the resistance in water forces your body to work at an enhanced rate which means that 30 minutes in the pool could be the equivalent of 45 minutes exercise in the gym! You’ll really work your core and develop strength and endurance.

A lot of people find their time in the water to be soothing. Without music or equipment to focus on, swimming is an ideal time to clear your head and take you mind off the daily stresses of life and just enjoy some you time.

There are times when the gym is a no-go, not because we don’t want to go, but because of an injury we just can’t without risking further damage. Swimming can accommodate most injuries and offers a gentle way to maintain your fitness regime without disruption. In some cases it can even help to speed up recovery and strengthen the affected area.

At Saunabar, we offer a refreshing mosaic-tiled spa pool for clients to relax and enjoy the water, whether it’s for a full session immersed in the cooling water, or just to take a quick dip after a stint in the sauna and steam room.

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