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Take a break for optimum results in the gym

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Whether you train twice a week or six times a week, it’s absolutely vital that you allow your body time to relax and recover. It’s great that you want to work out constantly and push yourself, but if you don’t stop to recover you will actually be doing yourself more harm than good.

For the hardcore trainers out there it can be tempting to work out everyday, however it’s important to allow yourself a day off from the gym. It stops you over-training and putting yourself at risk of muscles strains and injuries. The actual activity in muscle building requires you to tear your muscles so that they can rebuild themselves. Without downtime you won’t get the full benefit of the regeneration and you won’t be able to work out to your full potential.

You need to make your rest days work for you. It’s no good to give yourself a rest day if in fact all you are going to do it sit around eating junk and drinking. Maintain your healthy eating and find ways to let your body relax.

Many find that treating themselves to a massage can help them to relax and and relieve a lot of muscle tension. It’s also fantastic way encourage the muscles to loosen up so that they are ready to train even harder for the next day. A session in a sauna or steam room can help people unwind, but it can also release bad toxins from the body which can help to make you feel more refreshed and invigorated.

The rest day is also a perfect opportunity to take some time for yourself and give your mind a rest from work and the gym. Everyone needs a break from, and you’ll find that after the break you’ll be more geared up and ready to do go than before!

We all have different ways of relaxing and using our downtime, so as long as you recognise when you need it and act on it, you’ll soon see the benefits to your health and well-being.

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