Feeling stressed? Try these stress-busting relaxation techniques

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At times there is nothing better than taking some time out to relax, but our busy lives now mean that many of us miss the chance to enjoy some ‘me time’ and can’t relax. Relaxing doesn’t necessarily mean embarking on a weekend spa retreat, in fact the tips we’ll provide can take as little as … Read more

What happens to the body during the recovery period?

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Rest days are absolutely vital if you’re serious about building muscle and developing your fitness. For those who are hardcore gym fanatics, it can be tempting to blast through a workout six or seven times a week, however, despite all good intentions that can actually cause more damage than good. Your body needs time to … Read more

How do massages benefit you?

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Generally people will associate a massage with luxury and relaxation, however because of this the real benefits to massages can tend to be overlooked. As well as providing a superb way to relax, massages can also have a positive effect on mental well-being. During a massage you are undoubtedly in a very good place. Well … Read more

Want to burn fat? Here’s why you need to get into HIIT

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High intensity interval training (HIIT) is an extremely effective and efficient way to burn fat and completely transform your physique, and it is fast becoming the favourite of trainers across the world. So exactly how does this ‘magic’ exercise work? The workouts themselves are very short, typically lasting between 15 – 30 minutes, but they … Read more

Why aren’t you getting stronger?

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You hit the gym and the weight four or five times a week, but for some reason you’re not getting any stronger. Don’t let it knock your confidence and your commitment to your training, instead take a step back and re-evaluate your workout. Quite often, people train and develop a routine, but eventually hit a … Read more

Don’t succumb to the midweek lull: treat yourself to some relaxation and you time

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The middle of the week can bring with it a dip in mood. Sure Monday is long behind us, but there are still three days till the weekend – and it’s even worse if you’ve got a weekend of work coming up! So instead of giving in to the Tuesday and Wednesday hunch, give yourself … Read more

Getting the most from your sauna visit

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Whether you are looking to join us for a quick lunchtime escape or you want to come for a late night session, you’re opening yourself up to some time for relaxation and to relieve tension. Our various facilities mean that you can choose the activity that will benefit you and allow you to unwind. For … Read more