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Why aren’t you getting stronger?

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You hit the gym and the weight four or five times a week, but for some reason you’re not getting any stronger. Don’t let it knock your confidence and your commitment to your training, instead take a step back and re-evaluate your workout. Quite often, people train and develop a routine, but eventually hit a plateau. They stop getting bigger and they don’t see any improvement in their strength abilities. Take a look at these three reasons that could be affecting your performance.

Your workout needs a change.Even if you’ve sat and developed a super strength training programme with a trainer, it won’t remain effective forever. The body is designed to adapt to external pressures, so if you’re constantly putting it through the same routine four times a week for six months, it’s going to get used to it and won’t need to work as hard to recover. Mix up your workout routine every four to six weeks, and keep your body guessing. You’ll see much swifter development and it’ll help you maintain good focus.

You’re staying in the safe zone. Many will workout and push themselves to set limits, but at the same time, many will stop at a set weight load. It’s all very well giving 100 percent effort, but this is the level that you know you can do and that’s not going to take you to the next stage of strength. To build up your strength, you have to push and challenge your body to do something beyond what you know you can do – you need to give 110 percent. If you know you can do three sets of ten 90 kg reps, go further and do four sets of eight 100 kg reps. The shorter bursts of high intensity levels will get you to where you want to be.

You’re not letting your body recover. The workout in the gym will start you on the road to building up strength, but it’s the rest periods in between that really help you maximise your abilities. You need to get a good seven to nine hours sleep each night to let your body restore energy and repair muscle tissue effectively. Along with this, good nutrition is also important. Feed your body the calories and protein it needs to repair itself with high quality foods.

Building strength and muscle takes time and patience, but by sticking to your goals you will see the changes you want.

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