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Boosting fitness fast

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Sometimes we all need a bit of a kick-start to get us going, so if you’re looking for that quick boost to your health check out these tips on getting fitter faster.

One of the best things you can do is to up your intensity training. By putting your body through quick bursts of high intensity training you are opening yourself up to the benefits associated with HIIT, which include burning fat for longer post-workout, and also improving cardiovascular health. The simplest way to start bringing HIIT into your routine is to push up the workout level of your usual exercises. If you regularly use the treadmill crank it up to the highest level you can physically do for 30-60 seconds every one or two minutes depending on your ability. Follow the same principle in all exercises and you’ll really notice a difference. By completing these workouts you’re really challenging your body to push itself, and another benefit is that it can save you hours at the gym!

It’s probably one of the most uninviting ideas, but training in cold weather can also be very beneficial for boosting your fitness workout. When you’re out in the cold, the body works much harder than it does when you’re in the comfort of the gym, because not only does it have to take the pressure of the workout you’re doing, it also needs to keep you warm. A workout in the open can also be a welcome change, because not only can you enjoy the fresh air, it allows also you to really focus on getting your technique right and rely on your own bodyweight to make the exercises effective rather than letting the machines guide you through.

Ditch the wheels. Although for most of us, the idea of walking more than ten minutes is a bit of a non-starter, it’s actually a fantastic habit to get into. Where possible walk to your destination and feel good knowing that your 30 minute walk could be burning up to 150 calories.

If you need a bit of a boost and motivation when carrying out physical activity, listening to some of your favourite music. It has been shown that exercising to the right songs can boost your performance by 10 percent!

By exercising regularly you’re giving yourself the best chance to keep healthy, but we know more than anyone that there are times that it can get tough. One of the best and most important things to remember is to try and stay motivated in reaching your goal, and when you feel like you’d rather leave it, just remember the reasons why you’ve put so much hard work into it.

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