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Keep your body in top shape with these healthy habits

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You only get one body and it’s got to last you a lifetime, so looking after it is the most important thing you can do. Health and fitness buffs will tell you that your body is a temple so you should do all that you can to make it stronger and healthier. Sometimes keeping healthy habits can be hard, so we’ve found some simple habits that can be easily included in your daily routine to promote a healthier and longer life.

Set yourself goals and maintain a positive attitude- even on the days when your goals seem too far away just remember you can do it! By setting your own realistic goals you know that you can do it. Some like to set one big goal to reach, such as going from couch potato to marathon runner, whereas others prefer a step by step approach to work towards a bigger goal. Again it’s whichever way works best for you, because if you stick with the goals either way you still hit your target. Setting your own goals is a great way to motivate yourself, and as you hit them not only will you be rewarded with improved health, but the sense of satisfaction will be enormous!

Make water a priority. Your body not only needs water to stay hydrated and functioning properly, but it also needs it to flush out toxins and prevent your energy levels from falling. Aim to drink two litres of water each day to keep yourself in top shape. As well as feeling great, it’ll leave you looking fantastic as it can also improve the complexion of your skin. Contrary to belief to get your daily intake of water you don’t just have to rely on glasses of water. Tea and coffee can contribute, as well as fruits. Watermelon is 90 percent water so a quick fruit break is a tasty way to hydrate yourself! Alcohol however does dehydrate you, so if you know you will be drinking, make sure you counter the effects by drinking additional water.

We all have to eat and one of the best ways to keep your body healthy and happy is to eat a diet that’s rich in fruit and vegetables. They are low in calories and many can help to reduce the risks of disease and illness, such as heart disease, high blood pressure and some cancers. Snack on fruit when you have a sweet craving and give yourself a generous helping of vegetables at dinner. Aim to fill half of your dinner plate with vegetables and you’ll soon be getting your five a day!

For maintaining a healthy body exercise is vital. The human body was designed to be active but with the adoption of an ever increasingly sedentary lifestyle the body isn’t getting what it needs from typical daily activities. The recommendation is to get at least 150 minutes of physical exercise each week. Whether you choose to join a gym or prefer to take daily walks, your body will benefit from any activity as long as it’s physical.

Everyone has different ideas of what they view as healthy and strong. Some feel that muscles equal fitness, whereas others are happy to just eat right and maintain a healthy body weight. As long as you what you do is benefiting your body then there is no right or wrong view of ideal health.

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