Last longer in the gym with these foods

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Boosting your endurance will not only benefit your workouts, but it will also give you more energy and motivation throughout the day. Hitting the gym regularly for some endurance training is a sure-fire way to increase your lasting ability, however there are some foods which can also give you a power boost and keep you … Read more

What benefits can swimming bring to your health?

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Looking for a different way to keep yourself fit and healthy? Swimming is a great addition to any fitness routine and it’s suited to everyone no matter what fitness level they are at! Swimming is a great stress free form of exercise. It doesn’t put the same level of impact on your body as more … Read more

Why should you take time out to visit the spa?

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A trip to the spa is often viewed as a fun, luxury trip, however the benefits that can be gained from a spa session can actually do wonders for your physical health and mental well-being. Modern day life can be pretty stressful – the pressures of work, keeping up a social life and family life, … Read more

Are juice fasts healthy?

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No doubt you’ve seen the many adverts and testimonials singing the praises of juice cleanses. Many of them seem almost too good to be true, so we want to consider how healthy juice fasts really are and the safe way to do them. The most popular cleanses promise unbelievable weight loss results and ultimate detoxification … Read more

Get bigger muscles faster

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Building muscle can take time, however we’ve got some handy tips that can help you give your workouts a boost. Getting bigger and stronger won’t happen overnight, but by incorporating these tips into your regular routine, you’ll give your body the chance at building muscle quicker. Compound exercises Leg curls and tricep dips are fantastic … Read more

Can a steam session benefit your health?

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Did you know that steam rooms have the potential much greater health benefits other than just letting you chill out after a workout session? Steam rooms have been around for hundreds of years due to their therapeutic benefits and medical professionals still stand by these benefits. So, what benefits can you gain by visiting a … Read more