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Can a steam session benefit your health?

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Did you know that steam rooms have the potential much greater health benefits other than just letting you chill out after a workout session? Steam rooms have been around for hundreds of years due to their therapeutic benefits and medical professionals still stand by these benefits.

So, what benefits can you gain by visiting a steam room? The most commonly felt benefit is the relaxation element. It seems like people are getting too stressed too quickly so by taking the time to wind down in a steam room on a regular basis you’re reducing the negative effects stress can have. The heat of the steam room will gently work through muscle tension and help your whole body to just relax. It helps you let go of things that you can build up and just focus on looking after yourself. To really let the steam work it’s magic, you should gently massage your skin during a steam session to let the heat work into your muscles.

Using the steam room can potentially lower high blood pressure and improve cardiovascular function. The heat causes the pulse rate to increase which in turn increases and improves blood circulation. Not only can this benefit cardiovascular functions, it can also help to repair and grow muscles following tough workouts, as it delivers more oxygen and nutrients to these areas, and also relieve the symptoms of stiff joints where circulation is generally poor.

Steam rooms are a fantastic way to cleanse your skin. The combination of heat and water clears your skin of toxins and instead locks in moisture which leaves your skin glowing and feeling smooth. Making a steam room session a part of your regular routine is also beneficial if you are prone to sinus problems as the steam helps to clear airways and improve breathing.

We offer extremely relaxing steam and bathhouse facilities here at Saunabar, so if you fancy an evening session or even a quick mid-week lunchtime visit why not join us and benefit from some relaxation?


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