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Get bigger muscles faster

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Building muscle can take time, however we’ve got some handy tips that can help you give your workouts a boost. Getting bigger and stronger won’t happen overnight, but by incorporating these tips into your regular routine, you’ll give your body the chance at building muscle quicker.

Compound exercises

Leg curls and tricep dips are fantastic isolating exercises, however if you really want to boost your muscle growth and give your body a push you should focus on compound lifts and make them a regular part of your routine. Compound lifts efficiently engage with numerous muscles in the body and the movements create greater releases of testosterone which promotes growth. Try deadlifts, squats and chin ups to really work your muscles.

Avoid the machines

Gyms are full of weight machines which have been designed to target specific areas. They can be tempting but your muscles will benefit more from free weights. Machines are a great way to start your journey into fitness, however free weights allow you to activate core muscles and improve your stability and focus. Weight machines let you lift, but you’re limited to the maximum weight and you also rely heavily on the machinery to control and stabilise the weights.

Give 110 percent

As you get settled into your routine you’ll know exactly what your body can do and what level you can work at to get your best set of reps. It’s great that you can work to your best ability, and that 100 percent effort will get you results. However, if you want to supercharge your workout and get those results quicker, you need to give 110 percent. Push yourself to the point of exhaustion in your last set, even if it means only completing nine out of twelve reps. Your muscles will have to work harder to get used to this change and they will work even harder post-workout to repair themselves.

Rest and recover

Ok, so we keep saying it, but the importance of a proper recovery period can’t be underestimated. By working out seven days a week you will fatigue your muscles, so you won’t be able to push yourself and you also increase the risk of injury. The rest period allows your muscles to repair themselves and your energy levels to regenerate. Give yourself a day off from the gym every two or three days and you’ll find that when you get back into the gym you’ll be able to work yourself to your full potential.

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