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Boosting your metabolism

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Metabolism is a chemical reaction in the body that keeps all of your organs and cells working in perfect order. Boosting your metabolism can help optimise your weight loss and give you more energy. Some people inherit a speedy metabolism (lucky them!) and men tend to burn more calories than women. It will however start to slow down for most people when they hit 40. So we have a few tips on ways you can boost yours and start living a better a healthier lifestyle.

Having a proper cup of coffee in the morning is a good way to start. Research has shown that coffee can increase fat oxidation and metabolic rate for up to three hours due to the caffeine in it. Some energy drinks can also help as they also contain a lot of caffeine, however they are not as healthy due to the additives and sugar they contain.

Building muscle is a great way to keep your metabolism working at a fast pace. Your body is constantly burning calories even when you are resting, and the rate it works when people are resting is much higher for people with muscle. Add strength training to your workout  and you will start to see little changes that will add up and benefit you greatly.

A high intensity workout can help boost your metabolism. By challenging your body to work as hard as it can it will deliver a bigger and longer rise in resting metabolic rate. Exercises that are good for giving you a high intensity work out are jogging, aerobics, an intense class at the gym or a top level dance workout.

Drinking lots of water is very important to keeping fit and healthy. The body needs water to be able to process calories. If you start to become dehydrated your metabolism will immediately start to slow down. A study has shown that people who drink eight glasses of water a day burn more calories than people who only drink about four.

Having a small snack every three to four hours can help you burn more calories as it keeps your metabolism working faster than a large meal does. Waiting for long periods between meals can cause your metabolism to drop, so keep snacking to keep it up! Sadly when we say snack, we don’t mean crisps and chocolate. For maximum benefit keep suitable foods handy to graze at, such as fruit, cheese, vegetables and nuts. People who have healthy little snacks regularly tend to eat smaller dishes at meal times.

Spicy foods are a great quick boost for your metabolism. They have a natural chemical in them that automatically makes it work faster, so adding a few chillies and spices to your dishes can help boost your metabolic rate. If you eat them quite often you should start to see the benefits add up.

If you start to add all or some of these tips into your everyday life your metabolism should start to improve making you feel better in yourself and start burning unwanted calories.


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