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What benefits can swimming bring to your health?

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Looking for a different way to keep yourself fit and healthy? Swimming is a great addition to any fitness routine and it’s suited to everyone no matter what fitness level they are at!

Swimming is a great stress free form of exercise. It doesn’t put the same level of impact on your body as more gym-based activities do, so your joints are better protected from aches and strains. For this reason swimming is perfect for those suffering with arthritis. Swimming still needs pushes you to use your whole body weight, but because you’re in the water it eases the pressure and isn’t as strenuous. You’re still working just as as hard as you would be in the gym! Some will turn to swimming after sustaining an injury as it’s an effective way to keep just as fit as you would in the gym without putting yourself at risk of further injury.

If you want to improve your endurance, then you will definitely want to take a dip! Studies have shown that swimmers can actually improve their oxygen consumption by up to 10 percent! Worried about the lack of weight training? Don’t be. Swimming is a form of resistance training that will work those arm and leg muscles just as much as the benchpress! Make swimming a regular activity and you’ll soon see the results.

Regular weight training sessions in the gym are great, but they can leave you feeling stiff and sore afterwards. Swimming can improve your flexibility, as it keeps your joints loose. You won’t feel the same burn after an hour in the pool, but you’ll still have worked your body just as hard!

You might think that because it feels easier you won’t benefit as much as you do in the gym in terms of weight loss. This isn’t the case as you can burn just as many calories as you would jogging or cycling. If weight loss is your goal, treat each session in the pool as a full blown cardio workout- swim as hard and as fast as you can to really get your body working!

Swimming offers a fantastic alternative to the gym, especially for those who may feel less confident in the gym. It’ll improve your cardiovascular health and also because it can be a relaxing exercise, many find that it greatly reduces feelings of stress.


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