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Move past the plateau and keep seeing progress in the gym

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If you regularly hit the gym, you may be too aware of those times you try to take your workout to the next level and your body just won’t do it, even if you only want to increase the weights you lift by 5kg! These are often referred to as plateaus and it’s at these points where you tend to notice there’s little or no progress in strength, mass or weight loss. They can be frustrating and cause you to feel disheartened however there are steps you can take to reduce the appearances of these plateaus!

Plateaus tend to occur when you’ve let your body get too used to your workout. As you become used to the exercises you’ve set yourself, your body will stop feeling as challenged as it did in the earlier stages of your regime. If you focus on lifting the same weights for too long, your body will become used to the weight and will be able to adapt itself so it doesn’t feel the pressure. Muscles won’t need to be repaired, and because your body can handle the pressure, it won’t work to strengthen the muscles. The best step you can take to prevent these plateaus is by constantly introducing change. Mix up your routine every 4-6 weeks and keep gradually increasing the intensity of your exercises. The body won’t have time to get used to any one activity and it will need to constantly work to keep you on top form.

Diet is essential for maintaining performance levels. At the start of a workout regime, you tend to find that you’re stricter on your diet and nutritional intake but as time progresses and you get the results you want it can be all too tempting to slip and let nutritional standards fall, or as you get stronger you may find you’re still eating the same as you did in the beginning which just isn’t enough to fuel your stronger body. Ensure you are eating the right amount of calories to provide you the energy you need. If you are weight training you especially need to keep track of those calories and make sure it doesn’t fall into deficit. However, just because you need to beef up the calories, that doesn’t mean just reaching for the junk food to top up your energy levels! Make sure your diet is rich in protein and good carbs and fats to really build up your strength.

If you don’t already, find a gym buddy. Having a spotter can give you the confidence to push through and workout much harder than you would than when you work out alone. They can give you the encouragement and motivation you need to break through the barriers you struggle with alone. It’s a great way to keep yourself pushing to be your best, especially if there’s some friendly competition involved!

There will always be those times when you hit the wall and feel like you can’t push on, however if you stick at it and incorporate the above tips you should find that it’s easier to break through the plateaus when they do inevitably hit.

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