Join us and celebrate 15 years of SaunaBar!

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SaunaBar is London’s premier gay and bisexual health club, and this year we’re celebrating our 15th year! For 15 years, we’ve provided a discreet environment, situated just moments away from Soho’s gay village, where our clientèle can escape from the pressures of modern life and just unwind, whether it’s in our state-of-the-art sauna or in … Read more

Why a bit of indulgence can be good for you

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You want to get healthy and transform your body, so the first thing you would think would be to completely cut out the ‘bad foods’ and temptations out of your diet, right? Not necessarily. Occasionally allowing yourself to indulge in ‘bad foods’ can actually help you achieve your goals and lead to better health. Here’s … Read more

Why massages are more than just a relaxing treat

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Who doesn’t like a massage? You spend one hour being pampered and you leave feeling extremely relaxed. They’re great. But did you know they also offer a range of health benefits? It’s not uncommon to experience feelings of stress and pressure, especially in today’s fast-paced society, however too much stress can have negative long term … Read more

Strengthen your abs through resistance training

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There aren’t many who wouldn’t like a set of ripped abs and a shredded core and many of us will put those hours in at the gym to achieve this. Getting a six-pack isn’t the easiest and it does require a lot of discipline and motivation. Of course diet is exceptionally important- no matter what … Read more

The next big thing or the next big fad?

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If you’ve ever tried to lose weight or build muscle you will have heard of the term ‘superfood’. Coinciding with the natural foods movement and general rise in healthy eating awareness, superfoods have boomed over the past decade. According to YouGov research 61 percent of us have bought a product purely because it was branded … Read more

Get the most out of your workout

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Workouts always feel a lot more exciting and refreshing in the earlier stages, and if they remain the same you’ll find yourself becoming bored and uninspired by the very same workout that excited you six months earlier. No matter how long you’ve been training, it’s always beneficial to both your mental and physical health to … Read more