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How to beat tiredness

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Feeling tired isn’t uncommon and it’s something a lot of people face every day.It can leave you feeling unmotivated, unwell and unable to concentrate on anything. We’ve found some ways that can help you fight the tired, droopy feeling and feel more awake and motivated.

One of the best things you can is by starting the day right. Set your alarm for the time that you need to actually get up not ten minutes earlier so you can hit that snooze button. As tempting as it is, try to avoid dipping in and out of sleep in the morning. Once your body is awake it wants to stay awake. By going to sleep for short periods you run the risk of interfering with your natural sleep cycle which will just leave you with that tired feeling. Also, if you find that you wake up naturally at a certain time and it’s before the alarm, don’t force yourself back to sleep for that extra half hour – naturally waking up is a very clear way for your body to tell you it’s rested enough.

No matter what health kick you’re on or if you think you haven’t got time, you should always eat breakfast. Not only will it help kick start your metabolism, but it will give your body the energy it actually needs to start the day and keep your energy and concentration levels up. Eating regularly will keep the body properly fuelled so it’s can perform at it’s best in all areas. It’s also important to keep properly hydrated. If you lose 2% of water in your tissue you energy levels can fall by as much as 30%.

If you don’t already, implement regular exercise into your routine. We know that when you feel tired, the very last thing you really want to do is be hitting the gym or going to the park for a run. However, try to push through these feelings and motivate yourself to do it – even if it’s just for a ten minute run. You’ll feel much more energised and alert.

Stress can have an effect on health, and one of the ways it can affect you is by making you feel tired all the time. Being stressed really is hard work your body, so it will eventually take it’s toll on you. Introduce some activities to reduce the stress in your everyday life, such as meditation, yoga or even just taking an hour out for some ‘you-time’.

One more thing you need to make sure you do is sleep well. Don’t let yourself be tempted into staying up too late watching television as you are just reducing your nights sleep that your body need. Research has shown that you should get between seven to eight hours sleep every night to keep you feeling alert the next day.

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