Want to shed some weight? Change your food combinations

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If you’re on a mission to lose weight, the first thing you’re most likely to do is to cut out all the junk and put yourself on course for a healthy diet full of fresh veg, fruit, fish and chicken. Cutting out the bad foods has traditionally been regarded as the best way to lose … Read more

Why getting steamy is good for your health

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After a long week or even a long day there can be nothing better than enjoying a steam session. The heat is soothing and the quiet helps you to relax and unwind from the day’s annoyances. But steam rooms aren’t just good for the mind – they are also great for you health. Intense training … Read more

What’s so hot about a sauna?

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Saunas are the ultimate in relaxation and have been for thousands of years. But did you know that they also offer some fantastic health benefits? We’re going to look at some of the key areas that regular sauna sessions can help and why you should make trips to the sauna a regular event. Let’s start … Read more

Relax! Start as you mean to go on

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Eating right and exercising regularly are great ways to give your body what it needs, but to completely round off your health you also need to make sure you’re giving your body the right amount of time to relax. Relaxation isn’t just a luxury that can be enjoyed as and when there’s time – it’s … Read more