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New year, new you

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How was 2014 for you? Looking back on the year, do you feel like you were at your best or do you think you could have taken care of yourself better? For many, modern life can make it hard to find the time to give our bodies what they really need and this will have an effect on the way you feel. If you ended 2014 feeling relieved you may want to consider making some changes.

General health and fitness is an area most people would easily agree needs improvement. It almost feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to work, shop for and prepare super healthy meals and hit the gym for an hour every few days – or if you are you can still feel tired out because you’ve managed to cram so much in! There’s no denying the fact that only you can keep your health and fitness levels up and the only way to do this by eating well and exercising. However, rather than struggle to fit everything in you could change the way you approach these things.

The gym is a great place to get fit, but it can also be time consuming for many. Even if you only work out for an hour you still need to get there, get ready and get home which could easily add another hour to your trip. Who really wants to lose two hours a day to the gym if you spend eight or nine hours working? Instead, why not incorporate activities which will let you workout at home? Invest in a set of weights so you can still do some resistance training and for cardio you could check out some fitness plans or even a DVD – there are some good ones out there! Of course there’s also the option to go for a run which costs nothing and is a fantastic way to really get your fitness levels up – better still a good run doesn’t need to last any longer than 30 minutes! Make this type of activity a regular part of your week and for more intense workouts you can still head to the gym once or twice week. By making this change to your routine you’ll find yourself with more time and feeling less like you’re cramming everything in.

Food can be an area people struggle. There are so many good intentions of eating well but preparation can be time consuming – who really wants to spend an hour in the kitchen after a long day? Unfortunately you can’t change how long food takes to prepare but you can prepare things in advance instead. If you know you’ve got a free afternoon use that time to cook up some healthy meals you can put away in the fridge for the week. You’re more likely to stick to a healthy eating pattern and not give in to fast food if you know you’ve already prepared a proper meal. You could also save yourself a few pounds if you do a batch cook as you won’t be heading into the shop each evening to buy separate sets of ingredients.

Sleep is one the main things that will suffer in a busy lifestyle, especially if you feel the need to get everything into a day at the sacrifice of an hour or two of sleep. The problem is however if you aren’t getting the full amount of sleep your body needs you’re going to notice a significant decline in your performance in the other areas of your life. Traditionally the recommended time was seven to eight hours sleep per night, but opinions are changing to suggest that actually everyone will differ. Some only need six hours whereas others may actually need nine hours sleep. You know what your body needs so work out what sleeping patterns work best for you and stick to it. You’ll soon find your energy levels are nice and steady and you’re able to perform well in other areas. Sadly this does also apply to that much anticipated weekend lie-in! Although it is so tempting to just curl up and live under the duvet, try to drag yourself up at around your normal time. It will hurt for a bit but you won’t miss your pillow once you get going – trust us!

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