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The benefits of a spa pool

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Taking a dip in a warm spa pool isn’t just a nice way to round off a sauna visit – it can also be beneficial to your overall health. As regular use of spa pools becomes more popular, we’re going to look at some of the benefits that can be taken from regular spa pool sessions.

One of the main benefits a spa pool brings is relaxation. The warm water is soothing and will make you feel much more relaxed. Not only this but when your body is placed in warm water your blood flow increases and this helps to reduce blood pressure. Hot water can also help muscles relax as the heat from the water is carried deep into the muscles and unlike in a normal bath, the water in a spa pool will stay at a constant heat. Another lesser known benefit of the heat is that it also helps mute the central nervous systems sensitivity, so if you do generally suffer from aches and pains this can act as a temporary pain relief.

Spa pools also benefit people who tend to be quite active – whether it’s through playing a lot of sport or even just by being on their feet at work all day. Constant physical activity can lead to stiff joints and achy muscles around the body if it isn’t given time to rest and recover. Relaxing in the warm pool can helps relieve these pains. When sitting in the spa the natural buoyancy of the water supports most of our body weight which helps reduce the strain on the joints and loosens them up. The pressure is gradually reduced on all the joints and muscles, so you can enjoy some nice relaxing time to yourself.

Hydrotherapy spa pools are also very beneficial for the body. The fast streamed jets inside of warm water mixed with air provide a therapeutic massage you can control – you get to decide how much pressure you want and whereabouts you would like to focus on. Many spa pools will have jets that focus on the neck and shoulder muscle area, you sit back and lean against the jets whilst they work their magic releasing any built up tension.

You can also improve your heart health by regularly using a spa pool. Soaking in the spa can simulate exercise, so it increases your heart rate without increasing your blood pressure. In fact regular use of spas, hot tubs and steam rooms can give you some of the same health benefits of exercise without the heart stress.

Finally another benefit of of relaxing in the warm bubbly water is improved sleep. It helps ease your body in a deep relaxation making you feel less stressed and your body feel looser, so you fall into peaceful happy sleep.

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