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Foods to cut and keep to benefit your health

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Eating a healthy diet is just as important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as regular exercise. If you find yourself constantly feeling tired and lacking energy, your diet could benefit from a change. Junk foods taste great but they can cause you to feel unfit and affect your happiness levels. Instead opt for good foods that will actively benefit your health and leave you feeling much better inside and out.

We know that we shouldn’t really eat certain foods, but do you know why? We’re going to take a look at some of the main culprits and the effect they can have on health.

Fast Food

Fast foods like burgers, chips and fried chicken are full of fats and preservatives. Most of these foods hold no nutritional value and just contain trans fats. Regular consumption of these foods can lead to dramatic weight gain, depression and have a negative impact on your cardiovascular health.


Crisps are basically just fried potatoes, so there is no way they can be good for you. They are deep fried in trans fats which are especially bad for your heart’s health and cholesterol levels.

Cakes and donuts

They taste great and look great but these little treats are jam packed with calories, fats and bad carbs. And let’s not forget the amount of preservatives and sugars that’s added to the mix. Although they taste great they can lead to rapid weight gain and poor digestive function.


These bread based products have an incredibly high glycemic index which can increase inflammation and insulin in the body. Regular consumption of bagels can also result in rosacea, accelerated ageing and worsening acne. They can also lead to fast weight gain as they contain a high amount of carbohydrates.

Bad foods taste good but they do bad things to your health. Instead try and replace them with the good foods which will give your health a boost.


There are many different types of beans including kidney beans, butter beans and black eyed beans. Beans are full fibre and protein which helps to lower blood pressure and help boost your heart health.

Fruit and Vegetables

All fruit and vegetables are good for you, but each one has different health benefits. Most of them are packed full of vitamins that give you more energy and help improve your health.

Fish and Meats

Fresh fish is very good for you as it is full of protein and contains a variety of vitamins. They also contain omega 3 which is helps improve your heart health. Good meats such as grilled chicken and steak are also very good for you as they contain a high amount of protein and less fat.

If you can get the right balance in your diet you’ll soon begin to notice a dramatic difference to your health. Get plenty of good foods in your diet and say goodbye to processed, additive packed foods.

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