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Recharge and refresh this January at The Stable

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During the winter months, it’s not uncommon to start to feel sluggish and lack motivation. This is down to the cold, dark, wet weather and also the comedown after the festivities of December. However just because January is a dull month, that doesn’t mean we have to feel the same way. There are a few little changes you can make to help recharge your batteries and bring back your motivation.

Getting into a good sleeping routine is a good start. Throughout December many people throw their usual sleeping habits out of the window – many tend to stay up later for parties and sleep in more during the holidays. This causes your body to get confused and leave you feeling tired during the day and wide awake at night, so getting back into a normal routine is important. Go to bed at a reasonable time and get up when your alarm goes off instead of hitting the snooze button.

Another important factor for your health is what food and drink you consume. What we put in our bodies can have a major effect on how we feel and our energy levels. To give your body a good start it is advised you cut out as much alcohol as you can, as it can have a negative effect on the body, and instead drink plenty of water. What you eat can also have an effect on your body’s performance. Junk foods full of sugar and salt cause your body to feel sluggish and drained, so make sure you’re eating three meals a day and that the ingredients of the meal are fruits and vegetables or foods that contain protein and are full of vitamins.

Fitting in time for regular exercise can also make a big difference, and the good news is that you don’t have to spend hours each day at the gym to get fit. Doing just a little physical activity once a day or every other day can make change. There are many different ways you can give your body the workout it needs. Some less challenging activities include jogging, swimming or playing sports with friends, whereas others will do classes or gym sessions which can push you to your limit. Everyone is different so make sure you find the right physical activity to suit your needs to prevent injury.

Making these little changes will help get your body back into routine and give it a good energy boost, however if you still feel like your body needs an extra treat you can also visit us here at The Stable. We offer a range of heat and wet facilities at our gay bathhouse for our male-only visitors to relax and enjoy. A visit to The Stable can include use of our sauna, steam room, video rooms and one of London’s largest spa pools. Making a trip out of your ordinary routine can really help to recharge you and leave you feeling more refreshed and ready to go.

The Stable is London’s premier gay sauna which offers visitors the perfect getaway location based just a few minutes away from Covent Garden and Soho’s gay village. If you’d like to visit our gay bathhouse, please be sure to check out our special offers page and rates and times page for the most up to date information.

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