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Overdone it in the gym? Give your muscles the rest and recovery time they need

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If you’re going to overwork yourself in the gym, it’s more likely to be at the beginning of the year. When January 1 hits everyone wants to create a newer, better version of themselves, and whilst there is nothing wrong with this, it can cause people to go into their new workout routines too fast and too hard. This can lead to the body feeling tired and cause motivation levels to decrease, ultimately leading to a burnout. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to strike a balance between time spent working out and time spent recovering.

Your muscles need time off. If you constantly work them they won’t grow the way they should and you will more than likely cause yourself an injury. Ideally you should be allocating rest days in your workout routine. Set aside two or three days a week to relax and let your body recover itself. You can still exercise, just opt for more gentle activities such as swimming or yoga. Your muscles need to rest to get bigger. When you lift heavy you are basically pushing your muscles to breaking point and it’s in the recovery period that they repair themselves and get bigger to be able to handle that level of activity.

There are other things you can do to help keep your muscles happy. Make sure you stretch properly before and after a workout – it helps warm them up and will reduce your risk of injury. Treating yourself to a post-workout sauna or steam session is something your muscles will love you for. The high levels of heat will work to ease tension and stress built up during a workout and help them to relax. The heat also helps increase circulation which in turn delivers oxygen and much-needed nutrients to the muscles more efficiently, which can dramatically speed up the recovery process. You could also indulge in a massage every few weeks. Again this helps to work through muscle tension and it can also help release tight knots which develop through regular activity – you’d be surprised at how many knots you end up with!

Eating well is also beneficial to muscle recovery. Diets high in protein are a great place to start, and of course be sure to load up on vitamins and nutrients – think vegetables, fruit, lean meat and fish. That being said if you want to bulk up, make sure you are eating the right number of calories. If you cut down on calories you won’t see the growth you want.

By giving your muscles the time off they need, you’ll see noticeable results much quicker. You’ll also feel much better in yourself and have higher levels of motivation to keep pushing through to your goals. You can visit The Stable to treat yourself to a post-workout sauna session. We’re centrally located in London and offer our male visitors a perfect place to unwind. Visit our opening times page for the latest prices for our gay bathhouse, and don’t forget to check our special offers page.


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