What is muscle fatigue and how can you get over it?

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Have you ever pushed yourself so hard in the gym that you felt like your muscles just couldn’t take anymore? You may have experienced muscle fatigue. This happens when the strength of the muscles forces declines and can be due to sustained periods of activity. Often the problem with muscle fatigue is that it’s not … Read more

Massage: why your body will love you for getting one

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Massages are a great way to unwind – they feel amazing and you leave feeling wonderful. However, although they are viewed as a luxury, massages are actually great for you for a number of other reasons. Relaxation Let’s start off with their most obvious benefit – relaxation. Massages work through tension in the body to … Read more

Energise and refresh at The Stable

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During the winter, it’s easy to fall into tired habits – it’s too cold to go out and the sofa is much more inviting than any gym! By the time spring rolls around, it’s common to feel out of sync and lethargic. At The Stable, we provide access to state-of-the-art heat and wet facilities which … Read more

Power foods to energise your workout

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After working hard in the cold with no sun to top up our vitamin D winter can leave people feeling a little sluggish and drained, so it’s time to power up with the fuel we put in our bodies. Eating the right foods can have a huge impact on our health and energy levels, so … Read more

Get ready for Valentine’s encounters at The Stable

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Got any plans this Valentine’s weekend? Whether you are loved up or even just planning on a meet-up, you’ll want to look and feel your best. Here at The Stable we have the facilities available to get you ready for your big night. First pay a visit to our sauna and steam room – the … Read more

Secrets of the sauna

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Sauna sessions are a popular option with more of us are going for regular sessions rather than a rare treat – this isn’t surprising due to the fact that saunas offer a number of health benefits, even some you may not know about. One surprising benefit of regular sauna session is aided weight loss. If … Read more

How can your health benefit from a massage?

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Going for a massage is something we should all treat ourselves to now and then. However treating yourself isn’t only a luxurious rest for the body – it can also bring added benefits to your health. One major benefit of getting a regular massage is relaxation. Many of us don’t realise how important relaxation is, … Read more