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Secrets of the sauna

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Sauna sessions are a popular option with more of us are going for regular sessions rather than a rare treat – this isn’t surprising due to the fact that saunas offer a number of health benefits, even some you may not know about.

One surprising benefit of regular sauna session is aided weight loss. If you are looking to lose weight and are dieting, a 20 minute session a few times a week could help speed up the weightloss process.So how can a sauna help with weight loss? It’s because of the dry heat. This increases the heart rate substantially, and as the body’s metabolism speeds up in a similar way it would if your body if it was undergoing physical activity, you could burn up to 500 calories per session.

Another major benefit of the sauna is that it helps strengthen the immune system. Our bodies can defend themselves from germs and infections thanks to the white blood cells in our system. Regular use of a sauna can boost the count of these cells, making you stronger against virus attacks and heal faster if they do occur.  

If you are involved in physical sporting activities regular use of the sauna can help improve your performance and endurance. There are a couple of reasons why regular sessions can help. The first reason is that it over a period of time being in the heat of the rooms will build up your body’s heat tolerance. This means when you are playing sports and your body overheats you won’t feel affected by it as much as you may have before. The other reason is that it helps speed up your recovery process from the last time you took part, so your body feel more flexible and energised.

Saunas can also help improve a person’s appearance by improving the condition of hair and the skin. Spending time in a sauna can help activate the sebaceous gland on the scalp which releases compounds that help condition and moisturise hair. It can also improve the appearance of skin as the heat from the sauna helps remove bad toxins and any dead skin cells, so your skin is left looking healthier and feeling softer.

The Stable, London’s premier gay sauna, offers these benefits and many more. Located just minutes away from Soho’s gay village and Covent Garden. Check out our special offers page for discounted entry and visit our rates and times page for the latest updates.

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