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Build muscle faster

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Want to get working on that six pack? To begin your muscle building journey a strategy needs to be created, and you need to be able to stick to it. Motivation is key when it comes to building larger muscles – hard work and dedication is everything.  

Joining the gym is a great way to build muscle by creating a workout routine that focuses on certain body areas you wish to bulk up. To build arm, shoulder and chest muscle at the gym the weight lifting departement is a good area to start in. This lets the body challenge its muscles each time you attend by taking it up a level when you feel ready. There are also other muscle building facilities at the gym that can help you focus on other areas of the body such as the rowing machine, the pull up bar and the cycling machine.   

What you eat is also important to building muscle and making sure you get a good amount of protein in your daily diet is essential. Protein plays a crucial role in allowing your body to function properly as it helps your body build and repair itself. It isn’t too hard to fit into your diet either; protein can be found in many foods including – lean chicken, tuna, salmon, low fat cheeses, tofu, lean beef, eggs and beans.

When it comes to building muscle and challenging the body it is important to give your body a good amount of recovery time. If you fail to do this your muscles won’t build up as quickly as they have the potential too, this also puts the body at a higher risk of injury. After a workout try to make sure you leave it at least 12 hours before your next session. Your body will do most of its healing while you sleep so getting a good night’s sleep is also important.

Another way to help speed up recovery time is by going for a sauna session. When the body is surrounded by the warm air the sauna provides, your muscles will begin to feel at ease and due to the heat encouraging improved circulation your muscles will heal quicker leaving you feeling more flexible and motivated.

It is also important to drink plenty of water when trying to build muscle, so keeping hydrated at all times is vital. The body needs water constantly during normal daily activities, so when we are pushing ourselves and sweating more you need to be drinking extra water so that the body doesn’t lose out and dehydrate.


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