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Give yourself a health kick with friends

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Meeting up with friends doesn’t have to always involve going out for meals and drinking the night away. We believe it’s time to mix things up a little to give you and your friends a big health boost. Taking part in physical activities with friends such as football, squash or gym workouts is extremely beneficial to your health both physically and mentally.

Working out with friends helps boost motivation as you are counting on each other to be at a certain place at a certain time, and you don’t want to let one another down. Many are also more inclined to workout with friends as it’s more fun. You can learn new workout routines from each other making things a little more interesting. Whilst doing warm ups you can have a chat, and when the session gets harder you can motivate and push each other to go further and complete the session.

Taking on physical activities with friends doesn’t have to just involve gym sessions and fitness classes. You could join a sports activity together, such as tennis, football, basket ball, cricket, squash or rugby. Doing it with friends gives you the push you need to get involved as joining a team can feel rather intimidating when going it alone. Playing sports against other people gives a huge motivation boost as people tend to get much more competitive when it comes to playing sports, so the idea of winning helps someone push themselves further.  

Staying active with friends not only helps improve your health – it also helps your mental attitude. Socialising is a great way of reducing stress. Many people who keep to themselves can become lonely, so doing things with others is a great way to keep your mind active.

Spending some time in the sauna is also a great way to stay healthy with friends. Regular 20 minute sessions can have massive benefits on the body, including improved heart health, healthier skin, and weight-loss.

So make the time and give your friends a call – it could give you and your friends the health kick you need. If you wish to visit our gay bathhouse with your friends, The Stable is situated in London minutes away from Soho’s gay village and Covent Garden. Make sure you check out our rates and times so you don’t miss out and are up to date with our latest offers.

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