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Saunas: how regular sessions can improve your workouts

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With summer approaching fast it’s time to get ready to for the sun, and regular trips to the sauna can help give your body that boost. There are a number of different reasons why regular sauna sessions between your workouts can help speed up your muscle build and improve endurance – and that’s what we’ll be looking at today.

One way the sauna helps build muscle is the fact that it speeds up recovery time. For our muscles to grow they need to have time to recover from workouts; not allowing them this time will prevent them from expanding to their full potential. The heat from the sauna causes your body’s blood cells to speed up – blood cells help heal the muscles, so if they are moving quicker your muscles will be able to heal faster.

Sauna sessions can help also improve your workout as they boost motivation and endurance. Regular 20 minute sessions in the sauna can have variety of health benefits that can have a huge impact on your health and mood. Saunas can improve motivation by helping you de-stress and sleep better – a good night’s sleep is vital when you are embarking on an intense fitness routine, and getting a peaceful nights sleep will help you wake up feeling refreshed and motivated ready to take on your next workout session. Endurance can also be improved with regular trips to the sauna, and this again is due to the heat therapy it provides. The hot air surrounding your body helps ease any tension in the muscles and loosens up stiff joints helping you feel more flexible and at ease, so that when you exercise you can take it up a notch and go further.

Here at The Stable we also offer massage treatments. Having a massage after a workout can also speed up the muscle building process. During a massage, our masseuse will use their hands to knead, rub and stroke your muscles which will help soothe any aches and pains. This will also stimulate blood circulation which in turn will deliver oxygen and needed nutrients around the body much more efficiently helping speed up the recovery process after a challenging workout.
If you think a regular sauna session could improve your workouts and help you achieve the results you want, then visit The Stable situated in the centre of London. Our male only bathhouse is situated just minutes away from Covent Garden and Soho’s gay village.  To make sure you never miss out on our latest updates and deals check out our rates and times and special offers page.

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