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Covent Garden Health Spa

London's premier male health spa.

Get ready for summer at London’s premier gay sauna

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Spring is practically here and warm summer days are just around the corner – but are you ready to hit the beach and show some muscle and skin? If not don’t panic. Here at The Stable we can help improve the appearance of your skin and body in time for those long summer days.

Our sauna and steam rooms offer a variety of benefits that can improve the skin and body. When you spend around 20 minutes in the sauna your skin begins to improve this is because your body goes through a cleansing process during your session. When we spend time in the sauna the body begins to sweat and although it may not sound appealing, it is really good for the skin. When you sweat for a long period of time your body removes any bad toxins you may have absorbed, which leaves your skin clear and fresh. Spending regular time in the sauna can also help prevent or clear acne as it keeps your pores clean. A few sessions in the sauna every week gets the blood flowing to your skin. This can help your skin regain its elasticity which can slow down your skin’s ageing process.

Regular sauna and steam sessions can also help improve muscle gain and weight loss. If you are trying to build muscle then adding 20 minutes in the sauna to your routine can help the muscles grow faster. This is due the fact that when you spend time in such high temperatures your blood cells speed up which then speeds up your body’s healing process. This means your muscles will grow more during recovery time and they feel better next time you workout so you can push yourself to take on harder challenges. If you are trying to lose weight the sauna can also help aid the process. As we mentioned before your blood cells speed up when your body is placed in hot room which gets the heart beating much faster than usual. Whilst you sit relaxing your body is going through a workout helping you burn calories without putting any actual stress or pressure on you.

You can also boost your immune system with regular trips to the sauna. If our immune systems are low it can show in our overall appearance. We can look tired, are skin can become dry and you can also develop spots and cold sores. Sessions help boost your immune system by lowering stress and removing bad toxins from your system.

If you want to benefit from the sauna and get your body ready for the summer then we are ready and waiting for you here at The Stable. Our male only gay sauna is centrally located in London just minutes away from Covent Garden and Soho’s gay village. Remember to visit our special offers page so you don’t miss out on our latest offers.

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