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Fancy a dip? Here’s why getting wet can benefit your health

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Swimming is a physical activity everyone can enjoy and benefit from no matter what age or size. Spending regular time in the water has many different benefits both physically and mentally, so take a look at how swimming can improve your health.

Strengthens and build muscles

Regular swimming sessions can help build up and strengthen muscles – this can benefit someone who is trying to achieve an overall bigger build. Swimming is also a great exercise choice as it gives the whole body a workout. When swimming you have to use your arms, legs and stomach and back muscles without realising to keep your body balanced and afloat. Using the majority of the muscles in your body will help you become stronger and more flexible.  

Helps aid weight loss

Taking a dip in the pool a couple of times a week can also help aid weight loss. If you are on the larger side swimming is an ideal activity to add to your weight loss plan, because it doesn’t put too much stress on the body as the water holds the majority of your body’s weight. However when you are pushing your body to get through the water you are using your muscles and putting them through a good workout. Studies have shown that you can burn a potential of 370 calories by doing 30 minutes of breaststroke in the pool.  

Improves mood and reduces stress

Some studies have also shown that swimming can help boost your mood and decrease your levels of stress. There are a few reasons why this could be the case. The first reason is that swimming is a relaxing method of exercise, with many people feeling weightless in the water allowing them to take their minds away from daily stresses and routines. Swimming also improves sleep. A lack of sleep can be a major cause of stress, so getting a good night’s rest helps you wake up the next day feeling more energised and positive.

Low-impact exercise

When a person is looking to get into shape, swimming is a perfect option as anyone can take part. You don’t have to become a professional swimmer to benefit from the pool as you can even benefit from doing slow gentle breaststrokes sessions a few nights a week. Anyone can take part – young people, old people and others who may have difficulties doing other sports. This activity suits the majority of people as they can move easier in the water so there’s less strain on bones, joints and muscles.

Here at The Stable we offer our male guests access to luxurious spa pool which they can benefit from, so if you fancy getting wet why not pay us a visit? The Stable is located minutes away from Soho’s Gay Village and Covent Garden so we are centrally located in London and accessible via the main Tube lines. Be sure to check out our special offers page to for the latest discounts on day passes.  

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