Join us for a sauna session this bank holiday weekend

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Need some inspiration for the bank holiday weekend? Join us at The Stable for a relaxing day or evening in London – our male only sauna is the perfect escape from busy, everyday life! We’re centrally located in London, and visitors to our gay bathhouse can expect safe, discreet location to relax and mix with … Read more

Want to relax at the sauna? Here’s what you need to know

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Everyone needs to be able to relax at some point, and a popular route to relaxation is with a visit to a sauna. Many saunas, including The Stable in London, will offer their visitors access to a number of heat and wet facilities such as a sauna, a steam room and a spa pool. We’re … Read more

Saunas: can getting hot after a workout benefit your health?

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After a tough workout it’s common to feel achey and tired out. As long as you’re not in any real pain, these aches are a good thing, it’s just your body’s way of telling you did good in the gym – no pain, no gain! The good news is that there are things you can … Read more

Focus on your health without disrupting your busy London schedule

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Living the city life in London can be tiring and at times stressful, which can also mean finding the time to relax and exercise can be easier said than done. The problem is that being able to relax and keep fit is a vital part of staying healthy. We’re going to look at how these … Read more

What happens to your body and health when you embark a tough muscle building routine?

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When we think of muscle building, the main motive behind it tend to be get bigger and bulk up. However, whilst this is of course a huge plus of muscle building, intense workouts can also improve your metabolic rate – so you’ll be able to burn fat quicker, your actual strength levels and mental well-being. … Read more