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What happens to your body and health when you embark a tough muscle building routine?

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When we think of muscle building, the main motive behind it tend to be get bigger and bulk up. However, whilst this is of course a huge plus of muscle building, intense workouts can also improve your metabolic rate – so you’ll be able to burn fat quicker, your actual strength levels and mental well-being.

Weight and muscle workouts are designed to push your muscles to what can be seen as a breaking point. The idea is that in order to make muscles bigger, they need to be damaged so that they can repair and strengthen themselves so that they can take the new stresses you put on them. As well as creating more mass, this will invariably lead to more strength to withstand the added pressure. The more you do this, the stronger you’ll genuinely become – those muscles aren’t just for vanity! Of course what’s important here is to allow your muscles the recovery time they need to make this recovery. If you skip it and try to push them whilst they are damaged you greatly increase the risk of injury as well as prevent them from reaching their potential. Take a day off between heavy sessions to let them recover.

The next change you can expect is an improvement in your metabolic rate. With all the added mass from bigger muscles, you body will need to generate more energy to keep them functioning properly – there’s a reason why body builders need to consume up to 5000 calories per day (maybe even more!). Your body will be able to use calories more efficiently, which may lead to additional fat loss.

Your mental well-being can greatly benefit from muscle workouts as they allow you to completely lose yourself in the activity. Lifting heavy requires a lot of focus and coordination, so you don’t have the time to dwell on other things. Many will find it quite soothing to have nothing but their workout as their main focus. This is especially beneficial when dealing with times of stress.

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