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Saunas: can getting hot after a workout benefit your health?

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After a tough workout it’s common to feel achey and tired out. As long as you’re not in any real pain, these aches are a good thing, it’s just your body’s way of telling you did good in the gym – no pain, no gain! The good news is that there are things you can do to help lessen those aches and relax your muscles after a workout so you’re not feeling too bad the next day. Today we’re going to look at how spa therapy can help give your health boost after a workout.

Let’s start in the sauna and steam room. Most, if not all, good spas will provide access to a sauna and a steam room. As well as being relaxing, they are also a fantastic place to start to relieve those sore muscles. The heat of these rooms will cause encourage better circulation, which in turn means that oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the muscles much more efficiently. This boost in oxygen and nutrients will give your muscles what they need to repair themselves at a much quicker rate and get rid of lactic acid in the body which causes the soreness. The sauna and steam room are also great places to refresh your skin after a particularly sweaty workout.

After a session in the sauna or steam room, you may want to enjoy a dip in a hot tub or spa pool. We all know how good a soak in the bath is for soothing tired muscles, so take those benefits along with the addition of water powered jet massages and you’ve got the perfect place to sit back and recover from a workout. Many also enjoy the social element of these facilities. At The Stable for example, we provide our male visitors access to one of London’s largest spa pools.

If you want to give your body the ultimate reward following a workout, a regular massage should be part of your regular routine. Similar to the spa bath and sauna/steam room, massages help to loosen and relieve muscles, however they can go one step further by working through knots in deep muscle tissue. This type of massage is especially popular for those who take part in a lot of physical activity.

A spa visit is considered to be a great addition to one’s health routine for the reasons we’ve listed above, but they are also fantastic for mental well-being. They can really help you relax and keep feelings of stress and anxiety at bay. As well as being great for motivation levels, this can also help prevent illness.

At The Stable, we provide visitors in London a place to escape from their busy schedules and relax with the facilities we’ve discussed today. We’re centrally located just a few minutes away from Covent Garden and Soho’s gay village. For more information about our gay bathhouse, please visit our rates and times page and be sure to check for any special offers.


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