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What you need to know about male health

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Did you know that the average male life expectancy is lower than a female’s, and that men tend to also be more at risk of health problems than women? With the greatest risks being posed by liver and heart diseases, as well as depression, it’s never been more important to be aware of male health and take steps to help reduce these risks.

Heart problems are common in men, with reports suggesting that up to one in three men suffering from some form of cardiovascular disease. Strokes affect millions of men each year and high blood pressure is growing more common amongst young men.

Liver disease is steadily increasing, and this is has been heavily influenced by the growing drinking culture that has emerged in recent decades. Statistically men are more likely to binge drink than women and over long periods of time. Although liver disease can be caused by a number things, alcohol and smoking are viewed are the most prevalent.

Depression has become more widespread along with anxiety and stress. These emotional disorders can be due to a huge range of factors, however there’s suggestions that modern lifestyles are contributing to this increase. People are feeling more pressure in both in their work life and with their family and friends. The desire to conform, not to disappoint and to just stay afloat can be too much for some.

These are all major health concerns, however if the correct steps are taken it is possible to reduce their risk. A healthy lifestyle can help you achieve this, and the first place to start is with a balanced diet. Ditch the refined carbs and sugars, and replace them with more fruit and veg, whole grains and legumes. Also if you eat meat, you may want to reconsider how much red and processed meat you eat – a lot of studies have shown a strong link between heart disease and obesity with these types of meat. Opt for white meats and oily fish instead. The right foods will give you the energy you need to function properly, so you don’t succumb to those periods of tiredness and grumpiness. It will also help balance your blood sugar levels so your mood will be more regulated. As well as all this, a balanced diet will help you maintain a healthy weight, thus putting a lot less pressure on your heart and other internal organs.

The next step is to ensure you’re getting regular exercise. The human body was designed to move, so if you’re not getting the exercise you need it’s going to cause you problems in the long run. The recommended minimum is to get at least 30 minutes worth of exercise five times a week. If you hate the gym you could instead start adding daily walks to your routine, start cycling to work and even swap the lift for the stairs. If you don’t usually do this you’ll soon notice a massive difference. Physical activity is extremely beneficial for heart health, so any activity that gets your heart beating faster and you out of breath is definitely worth keeping up – yes we mean any activity! Exercise is also a great stress reducer, and those who do suffer with symptoms of depression are often advised to take up some form of physical activity to help.

Finally, you need to look after number one. If you’re looking after your physical well being with a healthy diet and exercise, you then need to look to your emotional well being. We mentioned that stress is more prevalent in today’s fast-paced life so one way you can really look after yourself is by making sure you make time to relax. If you focus only on what you have to do it’ll soon get boring, but if you find time to do something just for you you can help create more positive feelings and make stress a bit easier to handle. Of course it’s not the answer to everything, but it can help.

At The Stable, we strongly believe in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. We offer a range of facilities where our male visitors can relax and enjoy the health advantages, including a sauna, a steam room, one of London’s largest spa pools and access to professional masseurs. If you’d like to visit The Stable, you can find us located in central London, just minutes away from Covent Garden and Soho’s gay village. For more information please visit our rates and times page and our special offers page.

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