Here’s why you need to hit the sauna on your next day off

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As well as offering the perfect place to relax, saunas also offer a number of fantastic health benefits. We’re going to look at some of these key benefits and why you should include a visit to a sauna on your next day off. Saunas are a great place to relax, and in today’s busy life … Read more

Hit the wall and stopped seeing gains in the gym?

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After hitting the gym hard for a few months you’ve started to notice you aren’t making the same gains as you were in the first month. You’re working out just as hard and dedicating yourself to a routine that really got results to start with, so why aren’t you seeing big changes anymore? This isn’t … Read more

Can you balance out your bad habits with your good habits?

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There’s a common mindset of ‘I work out so I can eat and drink freely’, and whilst this may seem like a logical thought process it actually doesn’t work – not if you’re serious about your fitness. The main problem with this way of thinking is that usually those who often think like this will … Read more

How can you tell when you’ve worked your body too hard?

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Once you get into a good fitness routine, it can be easy to want to push yourself to your limit every day. The problem however is that this can cause you push yourself too far and overwork your body. So how can you tell when you need to take a break? It’s important to first … Read more

Refresh your skin this summer

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Living in a city like London will mean your skin is exposed to damaging pollutants on a daily basis. This doesn’t have to mean your skin will be worse off – in fact a regular skincare routine can keep it looking and feeling it’s best. One of the best things you can do is to … Read more

Take a dip and cool off this summer at The Stable

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With summer seemingly here to stay, you may be looking for ways to cool off and relax without working up too much of a sweat. A great way to do this is by taking a dip in our spa pool, one of London’s largest. At The Stable, we offer our male visitors the perfect place … Read more

Can your health really benefit from a summer spa day?

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The summer is a great time give yourself a break, however with our busy lives it can be easy to make excuses not to take time out – you haven’t got time, it costs too much etc. One way that can really help you relax without breaking the bank or taking too much time is … Read more

Unwind at London’s premier gay sauna

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Feel like you need a break from your busy routine? Book yourself some you-time and make a trip to The Stable, London’s premier gay sauna. At The Stable, we offer a range of facilities which will allow you to completely unwind and leave feeling refreshed and invigorated. We offer a wonderfully relaxing professional massage service. … Read more

What you need to eat to get your abs beach ready

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Despite popular belief, a chiselled six-pack isn’t just the product of regular sessions in the gym – it’s also down to what you eat whilst you’re working out. Whilst pushing through hundreds of crunches in the gym will define and grow your ab muscles, all this work will be wasted if you don’t do something … Read more