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What you need to eat to get your abs beach ready

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Despite popular belief, a chiselled six-pack isn’t just the product of regular sessions in the gym – it’s also down to what you eat whilst you’re working out. Whilst pushing through hundreds of crunches in the gym will define and grow your ab muscles, all this work will be wasted if you don’t do something about the layer of body fat covering those desired abs – and that’s why what you eat  is so important.

One change to make to your diet is when you eat carbohydrates. It’s important not to ignore carbs and banish them from your diet – they are a vital source of energy for your body. Ideally, you should try to avoid eating carbs before a workout. The reason for this is because carbs raise insulin levels, and insulin has been found to suppress fat loss. To put it simply, whilst the carbs may give you that pre-workout energy lift you want you’ll also lose out on optimal fat burning results.

Protein is a big must for anyone looking to develop muscle and of course working on your abs is no exception. Foods high in protein, such as eggs, chicken, fish and pulses are essential for helping grow muscles as they aid in the post-workout recovery process. Without protein you will not see the results you want. As well as being of huge benefit to your growing muscles, protein can also help you burn fat more efficiently. It will keep you feeling fuller for longer and increase your usual fat burning rate through the body’s natural process of digesting it.

Processed and junk foods are one to avoid if possible. Quite often, these foods will have had essential nutrients and vitamins removed from them turning them into empty calories and fat which your body has no real use for. Instead it’ll store the additional energy which it can’t process properly as fat and make it much harder for you to shift that layer of body fat.

Ultimately you want foods that will help you burn fat and boost your metabolism for the best results. Make the most towards a clean, lean diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables to make sure your body is getting what it needs. Broccoli, mushrooms and sweet potatoes are great for getting rid of fat, whilst grapefruit, green tea and chillies will give your metabolism a boost.

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