Covent Garden Health Spa

Covent Garden Health Spa

London's premier male health spa.

Unwind at London’s premier gay sauna

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Feel like you need a break from your busy routine? Book yourself some you-time and make a trip to The Stable, London’s premier gay sauna. At The Stable, we offer a range of facilities which will allow you to completely unwind and leave feeling refreshed and invigorated.

We offer a wonderfully relaxing professional massage service. Our male masseurs are on hand to provide visitors with an unforgettable experience – whether you just want an indulgent treat or something a bit firmer to work through muscle tension and joint aches. Massages are perfect for loosening up tense muscles and having them regularly can improve flexibility. They are also great for stimulating circulation which can speed up muscle recovery after tough stints in the gym. Our massage services start from £45.00 and include complimentary use of our other facilities.

Our sauna and steam room are perfect for enjoying some quiet time. The quiet, calming environment creates an atmosphere where you can forget about what’s going on at work, and instead allow yourself some downtime. Similar to a massage, the heat of these rooms will also relax and soothe any joint and muscle tension, so the sauna and steam room is a great place to to stop by if you regularly exercise.

The Stable is home to one of London’s largest gay spa pools, so you can choose to have some quiet time alone or mix with our other male visitors. There’s nothing like a session in a spa pool to really help you relax – the heat will soothe you and the water can help to relieve any tension you may be feeling in your body.

If you’d like to visit The Stable, you can find us centrally located in London just a few minutes away from Covent Garden and Soho’s gay village. For more information regarding our prices please click here. Don’t forget to check our special offers page regularly for exclusive discounts and offers on your next visit.

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