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Can your health really benefit from a summer spa day?

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The summer is a great time give yourself a break, however with our busy lives it can be easy to make excuses not to take time out – you haven’t got time, it costs too much etc. One way that can really help you relax without breaking the bank or taking too much time is a spa day. More people are turning to spa days as a quick and affordable way to unwind, and it’s not hard to see why. Let’s look at the benefits of a spa day.

So we’ve established that if you can’t find the time to get away from the city for a week, or perhaps your funds aren’t where you want them to be a spa escape is an ideal solution. You can often go last minute, you don’t need to plan things around them and they will of course cost a lot less than a week’s holiday in the sun.

The whole point of a spa day is relaxation, and despite popular belief relaxation is extremely important for your health. If you can’t take time out to relax you increase your risk of stress related illnesses and cardiovascular problems. Being in a spa will allow you to temporarily let go of things that may be bothering you so you can give your mind a rest. By giving yourself this time off you’ll also make it easier to cope with day-to-day stressors. Whether you prefer to spend your time in the sauna or the spa pool you’ll still feel the benefits and be able to unwind.

Physically, a day at the spa can really help to alleviate any muscle tension and aches. Spa facilities such as saunas and steam rooms encourage better blood flow which can help to soothe tired muscles and create a temporary pain relieving effect. If you want something more substantial you could opt for a massage, where a therapist will be able to pinpoint specific areas of tension and deliver a massage that will leave you feeling much more relaxed and loosened up.

Another beneficial side effect of spending the day at the spa is that it promotes better sleep. Because you’ll leave the spa in a state of complete relaxation you are much more likely to get a quality night’s sleep – which of course is even better news for your body, especially if you’ve got a busy routine.

A day at the spa is much more than just a luxury. If you need some time out for yourself consider giving yourself a spa day – you won’t regret it! If you’re local to or visiting central London, pay a visit to The Stable. We offer all the spa facilities needed to unwind, including a sauna, a steam room and one of London’s largest spa pools, in a discreet male-only environment. You can find us located just a few minutes away from Covent Garden and Soho’s gay village. Be sure to check out rates and times page for the latest information and our special offers page for exclusive discounts.


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