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Refresh your skin this summer

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Living in a city like London will mean your skin is exposed to damaging pollutants on a daily basis. This doesn’t have to mean your skin will be worse off – in fact a regular skincare routine can keep it looking and feeling it’s best.

One of the best things you can do is to moisturise. As everyone has different skin types, there’s something to suit all types from dry to oily skin. Also, if possible opt for a moisturiser with an SPF factor to protect yourself from harmful UV rays – even on grey days!

Eating a balanced diet including generous servings of fruit and vegetables daily will help keep your skin looking it’s best and potentially reduce the risk of breakouts often associated with high-fat diets.

Drinking a lot of water is another key factor in keeping your skin healthy. Water makes up a big part of the skin’s composition, but we lose water from our bodies on a daily basis so it’s important to make sure you keep yourself hydrated if you want to look and feel your best.

Another way to improve your skin’s condition is by hitting the spa. Regular sessions in a sauna and a steam room can do wonders for your skin, thanks to their high temperatures. The heat will cause body temperatures to rise, causing blood to circulate more efficiently which will in turn deliver nutrients and oxygen around the body much quicker. The increased temperature also causes you to sweat which can help clear the skin of impurities and and toxins which can leave your skin looking dull and tired.

As your body’s biggest organ, it’s important that you look after your skin – you’re going to be stuck with it for a very long time! Make some small changes and see if it makes a difference for you. If you’d like to indulge your skin in a sauna session, The Stable is centrally located in London offering male visitors access to a range of heat and facilities. Be sure to check out our rates and times page for up to date information, and our special offers for the latest discounts.

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