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Hit the wall and stopped seeing gains in the gym?

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After hitting the gym hard for a few months you’ve started to notice you aren’t making the same gains as you were in the first month. You’re working out just as hard and dedicating yourself to a routine that really got results to start with, so why aren’t you seeing big changes anymore? This isn’t uncommon, and to get back on track you just need to mix it up.

Often when embarking on a fitness routine, people will develop a routine which they find works and stick to it. By doing this, you’ll eventually reach a plateau where your body can’t progress anymore with the same moves – it’s gotten too used to your moves and has adapted to the stress of that routine. This means that it won’t need to work as hard to handle the pressure and it won’t need to recover as much. To prevent this from happening, it’s a good idea to mix up your routine every six weeks or so to keep your body guessing. Not only will you start to see results again, you’ll also find it helps break up feelings of repetition and keeps your workouts fresh and new.

Another common problem which stops new gains is by staying in your safe zone. If you’re only working to 100% of your potential all the time you’re never going to level up. You need to give it at least 110% to make your body break through to the next level. If you can push through three sets of 12 reps of 70kg you need to move on up to 75kg. Push yourself until you physically can’t do it anymore – that’s how the pros do it!

Finally, another issue that may be causing a decline in progress is that you may not be allowing your body the time it needs to recover. Working out in the gym can help you build up your strength, but it’s the rest periods in between workouts where your body does the real hard work. This is when it will repair broken muscles and make them stronger and bigger to handle all the work you’re throwing at them. If you don’t take the right steps to recover, your body won’t be able to restore its energy levels and regain enough strength to give it 110% next time you’re working out. Make sure you get proper rest days, enough sleep and are eating foods high in protein and good fats to give yourself the best chance of reaching your fitness goals.

Building muscle and strength takes time and patience, but if you take the right steps and are willing to wait the results will be worth. For information on how you can give yourself time off from the gym at The Stable, check out our website for up to date information.

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