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Stopped seeing results from your workouts? Here’s why.

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Do you feel like you’re pushing yourself as hard as you can but aren’t getting the results you want? You’re not alone. Overworking in the gym is pretty common, however it can cause motivation levels to drop. In order to avoid overworking yourself and exhausting your body here are the mistakes you should avoid.

Exercising too much

Although it can be tempting to hit the gym every day for two or three hours on end, this will actually end up being counterproductive. In order to get the best results out of your workouts, your body needs time to recover in between sessions. Putting your muscles under constant strain means they always need sufficient recovery time to repair and strengthen themselves, and it’s only by giving them this time off that you will develop that built, toned and defined body. When starting out, you should be looking at working out at most three times per week and only move up to five workouts a week once you’re more experienced. Always allow at least two days a week to recover to prevent muscle fatigue.

Over complicating your routine

When developing your routine, you may want to include all these exciting new moves you’ve recently read about but you’ll do much better if you focus on perfecting a few core moves instead. Rather than try to fit in a load of bicep or chest specific exercises, focus instead on tried and tested compound moves which work more body parts and will build more mass than isolation exercises. Do repetitive sets of four or five core moves for the best results.  

Expecting too much

When starting out you may want to push yourself to your limit in each workout and up your game. Whilst this can work, if you constantly up weight limits you’re going to quickly burnout your body. A more effective way to work yourself up through weight limits is to alternate between high intensity and lower intensity weeks. You could push yourself to your maximum ability for one week, then the following week bring it down to an easier level to allow your body the chance to actively recover from the heavier lifting. As you get used to this routine, only move up in weights when you’re ready. If you can’t complete a full set at your current weight, your body isn’t ready to move on yet.


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