Covent Garden Health Spa

Covent Garden Health Spa

London's premier male health spa.

Feeling stressed out? Make time to relax at London’s premier gay sauna

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Life can be stressful – busy work schedules can become overbearing and you may struggle to find time for yourself. However, if you are starting to feel yourself burning out from this type of stress you may want to try and find time to de-stress otherwise you could negatively affect both your physical and mental health. At The Stable, as London’s premier gay sauna, we offer male visitors a perfect place to refresh and revitalise themselves after a stressful week.

Stress if left untreated can cause much bigger problems. It can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, can be a factor in obesity and can lead to anxiety and depression. Signs of stress include problems sleeping, change in appetite, negative moods and even muscle tension and pain. Being able to recognise the signs of stress will enable you to take the steps you need improve these feelings and lessen the more significant effects of stress.

So why choose The Stable? At our gay bathhouse, we offer our guests access to a range of relaxing heat and wet facilities that will help you work through any stress and tension. Our favourites are our state-of-the-art sauna and steam room. If you’re really feeling stress and tension in your muscles and just need to escape these are the places to be! The heat of these facilities will soothe those annoying aches and pains as well as help create a relaxing environment for you to work through your thoughts. The sauna and steam room are also fantastic for refreshing your skin as the heat will also deep clean your skin by getting rid of dirt and impurities

If you’re in need of a more thorough session, you could also take advantage of our in-house massage service. Our professional masseurs are available to help you work through tense and tight muscles, forget about your daily stressors and leave you feeling much more relaxed.

Just by taking an hour or so out for yourself once a week can really help to control stress levels. As well as keeping your mental and physical health in shape, it can also help keep you motivated and make it easier to keep those stress levels down.

The Stable is located in central London, just a few minutes away from Covent Garden and Soho’s gay village. Check our rates and times page for the most up to date information and details about our various membership options.

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