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How can you reduce stress and improve your health and fitness?

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If left, stress can have a huge affect on health and it’s something that is becoming more common amongst men. This stress caused by day to day living has been linked to an increase in cases of cardiovascular disease, chronic aches and pains, mental health problems and a decrease in the effectiveness of the immune system. Another problem with stress is that it can also lead to the development of unhealthy habits, including overeating, drinking and smoking, amongst others. So what can you do to reduce the effects of stress in your life?

By exercising regularly you can help to keep symptoms of stress at bay. The constant activity lets your body use up pent up energy and gives you a chance to let your mind focus on something different. Also, the release of endorphins from your workouts will leave you feeling much happier and more relaxed.

As well as making exercise a regular part of your daily routine, you can also improve your health by maintaining a balanced diet and regular sleeping pattern. This will ensure your body has the fuel and energy it needs to deal with stress more effectively.

Know your limits and recognise when a situation becomes too much for you handle on your own. If a situation at work is causing you to struggle speak to someone you trust – even just talking about a problem can help to reduce the burden a lot. Also, be realistic in what you can do – don’t overwork or push yourself just to please others if you know it’s going to negatively affect you.

Taking time out for yourself is vital for keeping stress levels down. Find time to regularly do something for yourself that will give you a break from stressful situations and let you clear your head of stressful thoughts. Many people find a lot of benefit in meditation, exercise or even spa visits.

Keeping on top of stress is important and it can really reduce the risk of further, more complicated health problems. At The Stable, we offer male only visitors access to a range of heat and wet facilities designed to make feel people feel more relaxed. You can find us located in central London close to Covent Garden and Soho’s gay village. Be sure to check out our rates and times page for up to date information.

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