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Weight loss: have you tried these unusual ways to lose weight?

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The road to losing weight can be a tough one but the results can definitely be worth it. The problem however comes when normal exercise and diet doesn’t seem to be getting results you want. Whilst sticking at good eating and exercise habits will eventually get you where you want to be, there are other things you could try to help give your weight loss a boost.

A really easy and free way to aid weight loss is to drink more water. A recent study found that those who drank a glass of water before each meal lost on average two kilograms more than those who didn’t. It’s also a great habit to drink water throughout the day as it can help ward off those annoying hunger pangs which have you reaching for the snack cupboard.

Counting calories and constantly checking what foods contain can become tiresome and make eating healthily more of a chore – and of course this can increase the desire to give in to quick and easy fast foods. One easy way to ensure you are eating a healthy, balanced diet is by eating lots of colour. Generally, the more colourful your plate is the more likely it is to be healthy – think of brightly coloured vegetables, fruits and fresh fish and meat. Unhealthy good will often fall into the beige/brown category – so if you’re looking at a very neutral coloured plate you may want to re-think your meals!

Eating smaller portions is a quick way to shed extra pounds. If you’re used to larger portions, you can help train your brain and stomach to accept smaller portions by cutting your food up into even smaller pieces. You’ll still be eating for as long as you’re used to but you’ll consuming less calories.

A more recent habit people are successfully using to lose weight is by sharing their journey and progress on social media. It’s a great way to stay motivated and you can help maintain a positive attitude and approach to your weight loss whilst receiving support from others on a similar journey.


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