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Look and feel younger – without even trying

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Everyday life can start to take it’s toll both mentally and physically, leaving you feeling much older than you really are. Luckily, you don’t have to just accept this as there are steps you can take help reverse those years and leave you feeling much better both inside and out.

Get some sleep

A regular and consistent sleeping pattern is vital. It helps maintain your energy levels, keeps you feeling alert and also gives your body the chance to recover and recuperate from daily stresses. Getting into bed around the same time each night and getting up at the same time means that your body will be able to follow it’s natural clock and complete vital functions for your health. If you’re well rested it will also show externally – fewer dark circles under the eyes and brighter looking skin. It’s also been suggested that a good sleeping pattern can also aid with weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight, something which can help keep your body feeling younger and healthier as there is less pressure on the heart. The quality of sleep is also important, so create a nice environment when you go to bed – dark, cool and without any distractions. Also try to turn off the devices an hour or so before bed, as studies suggest that exposure to the blue light on handheld devices can disrupt your body’s natural pattern and affect sleep quality.

Stop worrying and start relaxing

There’s a reason why forehead lines are often called worry lines. Stress and worry can add years to your appearance and it can also negatively affect your health. Prolonged stress can cause impact the immune system and also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. In the short term, worry and stress can cause sleepless nights, irritable moods and a drop in motivation levels. To help combat this, make sure you make time for yourself to relax and unwind each day. How you do this is of course up to you. Some choose exercise, others like to go out with their friends whilst some are happy to kick back with Netflix for a few hours. At The Stable, we are huge advocates for the benefits of a spa visit when it comes to relaxation – especially when you’re living in a busy city like London! Spas are a great place to unwind with facilities like saunas, steam rooms, spa pools and massage services. The Stable offers male visitors access to these facilities in a quiet and welcoming environment – just what you need after stressful days! By making time for yourself, you’ll improve your mood and potentially your health.

Look in the mirror

It may seem obvious, but how you groom yourself can be the difference between looking ten years younger or older. Facial hair is very in right now, so if you’re sporting a full beard keep it maintained. The longer facial hair grows the drier and coarser it gets so treat yourself to a beard oil treatment and also keep those trims regular. Similarly, unkempt eyebrows can age you and make you look tired, so try to keep those tamed. You don’t have to wax or perfectly shape them – unless of course that’s what you want – but just keep them tidy and you’ll notice a big difference. You can help keep your skin looking softer and try to limit environmental damage by regularly moisturising and using sunscreen. This helps reduce the effects of UV exposure and can slow the development of lines and wrinkles.

Avoid the needle

This is probably the easiest way to keep the years at bay. Although the main selling point of cosmetic procedures is that they can leave you looking younger, the reality is that they can actually emphasise the ageing process – just think of all the celebrities who have undergone numerous procedures.

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