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How does the winter weather affect your body?

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The cold weather is here to stay, so we wanted to look at how the cold weather affects the body. During the colder months the body comes under a lot of strain from the elements – let’s take a closer look.

It’s no coincidence that the winter months are dreaded as the cold and flu season. Thanks to the low temperatures, the cold virus can really thrive and knock you off course for a few days. It also doesn’t help that the cold weather can also have an impact on your immune system weakening your body against illnesses.

The reduced hours of sunlight can also affect your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D helps maintain healthy bones, teeth and muscles. If levels aren’t maintained you may find yourself suffering with tender bones and a general feeling of weakness in the muscles. Another suggested benefit of vitamin D is that it helps keep moods up. A significant drop in this vitamin could potentially increase the risk of depression and reduce motivation and energy levels.

When it’s cold, your body has to work harder. One perk of this is that the extra energy needed to keep warm can help to burn more calories and help with weight loss. However, a negative side effect of this is that this extra work puts a strain on the lungs and heart, which can lead to more complicated cardiovascular problems. Similarly, cold air can affect how the lungs function and it can be especially problematic for those who already suffer with respiratory problems, as it can make breathing harder and cause wheezing.

To keep the negative effects of cold weather at bay, the best steps to take are precautionary and preventative steps. Wrap up warm when out, don’t exert yourself in the cold air – so that might mean skipping the hour long outdoor run! You can still maintain your health by keeping up with a regular fitness routine, eating foods full of vitamins and minerals, and giving yourself time to relax and keeping your body temperature nice and warm.

A great way you can help keep your body nice and warm is with a sauna visit. The temperatures will help to keep your body temperature at a comfortable level, and the heat can also help to maintain healthy blood flow. If you’d like to visit The Stable, you can find us in central London located just a few minutes away from Soho’s gay village and Covent Garden. Be sure to visit our special offers page for the latest discounts on day passes.

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