Ever wondered why rest days are so important to male health and fitness?

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If you’re serious about getting fit and healthy next year, you’ll need to know the importance of regular rest days as part of your health and fitness routine. Whilst it can be tempting to just hit the gym hard constantly, you will need to fit in allocated rest days to get the most out of … Read more

Give yourself a little break this Christmas at London’s premier gay sauna

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Christmas is a busy time of year for many, and whilst it can be great to get together with friends and family all the activity can be tiring. If you’re starting to feel the effects of a busy social schedule we invite you to join us at The Stable this festive period to give yourself … Read more

Stock up on those superfoods this Christmas

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Did you know on average people eat around 7000 calories on Christmas Day – and this is just from the Christmas dinner! Of course this once a year indulgence shouldn’t really have too much of an effect on your health, however if you also include the Christmas snacking, and pre and post Christmas celebrations that … Read more

Planning a festive break in London?

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The Christmas and New Year period is a great time to get away and many choose London as their destination of choice. If you’re one of those planning to pay a visit to the capital you should add a trip The Stable onto your to-do list. Located in central London, The Stable offers visitors access … Read more

Don’t become a victim to Christmas overindulgence: here’s how you can keep feeling your best this December

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It’s easy to overindulge over the festive period with all the temptations around, however whether you overeat or drink too much most of the time you can end up feeling regret the next morning. We’re going to look at how you can still enjoy all the joys Christmas has to bring but without that nagging … Read more

Loosen up this Christmas with a luxury massage

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Who doesn’t use the festive party season as a chance to let their hair down? If you’ve had a particularly tough year and want to wind down ready for Christmas you could benefit from a relaxing massage at The Stable. The Stable is central London’s premier gay sauna and we give our male visitors the … Read more

Five ways to stay healthy during the Christmas period

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With December upon us we can officially say it’s the Christmas season! Around this time of year it can be easy to fall out of good fitness habits, break away from diets and gain a few pounds – but this doesn’t have to be the case! We’re going to look at five ways to help … Read more