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The importance of an early night

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Waking up feeling fresh and ready to go isn’t the only benefit of regularly getting a good nights sleep. In fact, having a good sleeping pattern and routine can help to reduce stress, improve physical performance and help with weight loss. Those who don’t get enough sleep can find that they are more prone to irritability and exhaustion.

So how can getting a good nights sleep help reduce stress? As mentioned, if you lack the necessary amount of sleep you are more likely to feel negative effects. It can cause you to feel pressure in your work life and you’re more likely to succumb to stressors. You’ll become stressed, which in turn will affect your sleeping pattern and create a difficult cycle to break. Sleep regulates and controls hormone levels which can cause you to become stressed. By regulating these hormone levels, your mind is able refresh itself and think much clearer and deal with the things that are causing you stress.

A good sleeping pattern is beneficial to those who want to lose weight. Those who stay up late watching TV are more likely to snack during the night. The problem is that our bodies burn less calories during the night so rather than being used up as energy, those extra calories are going to be stored as fat instead. The body clock hasn’t adapted to modern life – it wants us to be up and active during daylight hours and resting at night so naturally your body isn’t programmed to burn those additional calories at night. If late nights become a regular thing it can also adversely affect your body clock and make it difficult for you to sleep when you want to, even leading to insomnia. The body wants to sleep and if it doesn’t get the rest it needs when it’s supposed to it gets confused.

Those who regularly get a good nights sleep will feel more energetic and be able to perform much better physically – a great benefit to those who take part in regular exercise. If you’re tired you’re not going to hit and exceed your peak levels of performance. Also, sleep will put you in a better mood so it’ll give you that extra motivation to push yourself harder in any physical activity.

Make hitting the sack at a decent time a regular thing – you’ll soon notice the change to your mood and energy levels.

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