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Why learning to relax is a necessity, not a luxury

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The fast pace of modern life means that at one time or another most of us, if not all, will face stress regularly as part of our lives. It’s hardly surprising. With long work hours it seems that standard eight hour days are a thing of the past, we’re constantly switched on and connected with the rest of the world through social media, and we just never seem to step back and take some time for ourselves.

We’re overworked, and our minds are overloaded with information. With this in mind then, there’s never been a better time to introduce relaxation as a regular necessity, rather than just put it to the side as a sporadic luxury. Our minds and bodies need some serious downtime.

Stress can cause no end of damage to the body and the mind. It activates the fight or flight response which in the caveman days was used by the body as a defence against immediate threats such as an animal attack. Stress doesn’t pose the same threat but the body can’t differentiate this so will remain in this highly charged state until the stressor has gone. For many, stressors are long-standing issues and aren’t really going anywhere, so if you’re constantly stressed, you’re opening yourself up to a weakened immune system, high blood pressure, and muscle tension and aching.

Relaxation can counteract these effects. It may not eliminate the issue causing the stress but it can reduce the effect it’s having on you. It gives the body a chance to calm down and regulate blood pressure and boost the immune systems defences.

It’s not just the body that can suffer. Stress can do some serious damage to our minds. It clouds the mind and stops you being able to think clearly, but it also has strong links to the onset of depression, anxiety and paranoia. Give yourself that time to put your problems on hold and take your thoughts to a happier place. If you’re a constant worrier, relaxation can let you reflect on the things you do have and maybe take a step back and realise that things aren’t as bad as you think. It can help you gain control of your emotions and examine the issues that are affecting you.

Work is one of the biggest causes of stress, but did you know that if you’re relaxed you’re more likely to perform better at work? Improved concentration and mood can lead to a better work day for you, and who knows, work may stop being a cause of stress!

We can offer fantastic facilities for relaxation and you can pop down for a quick half hour session to fit into a busy routine! Saunas and steam rooms work wonders when you need to wind down. The heat will relieve muscle aches and tension and is a perfect time to let the mind wander and think about something other than work! If you really want to indulge, give your body the ultimate treat with a massage. The benefits to be had from a massage cannot be understated, especially when in need of a relaxation boost.

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