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Visiting a spa? Here’s what you need to know

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Spas are extremely popular for those looking to unwind and relax. If you’re looking pay a visit to a spa, here are some things you should know to make sure you get the most out of your visit.

Before going to a spa you are advised not to consume alcohol, as you are more likely to suffer an injury or ill health whilst visiting. You should also try to eat a light meal before, otherwise a heavy meal may end up leaving you feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

Make sure you stay hydrated when visiting too. Steam rooms and saunas cause you to sweat a lot so you do lose a lot of hydration and if not replenished can leave you feeling light headed and nauseous. Try to drink a cup of water in between each 10 – 15 minute session.

If you’re going to treat yourself to a massage you should prepare your body. Before your massage, go for a warm shower as they will help to loosen up your muscles and enable you to get the most from your massage experience. At The Stable, our male masseurs will make sure all knots and tension are worked out so you leave feeling completely relaxed.

When visiting a spa, it’s important to make sure you are always comfortable and don’t push yourself to do anything that doesn’t feel right. For example, a lot of people like the idea of a firm massage, but some people’s bodies aren’t up for it. Don’t do it because you think you should, do what feels good for you. Similarly, some people can stay in the sauna for 20 minutes whilst some can only manage five minutes. Everyone is different so stick to what you know and what you’ll enjoy.

At The Stable we ensure that all of our visitors feel comfortable and relaxed so they can fully enjoy their surroundings. We have a state-of-the-art sauna and steam room, along with one of London’s largest spa pools. If you’d like to visit The Stable, you can find us in central London, just a few minutes away from Soho’s gay village and Covent Garden. Visit our rates and times page for the most up to date information and check out our special offers.

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